Monday, October 26, 2009

Jesus H. Christ

Skyline sucks, but the people are awesome. For the first time ever, I'm not the crazy one. I get this weird feeling inside when I see freaks who aren't me. There are some people who are just strange. Francesca is one of them. There are other people there who like good music! I saw a girl in an A7X shirt kissing a guy in a Metallica shirt. And people are nice to me! Ive never had people I don't know be nice to me. There isnt a popular people group. You can walk up to anyone and say "hi!" and they will start talking to you. And random people say "nice hair." I love them all. I STILL MISS EVERYONE THOUGH! I wish I went to commie. They dont yell at you for doing stuff that doesn't hurt anyone. Victimless crimes aren't crimes. Did you know that McDonald's is worse for your health than Pot? No one has ever died from overdose on weed. Ever. And yet it's still illegal. And cigarettes aren't. Whenever I walk by someone smoking I can tell if its weed because tobacco makes me cough, and pot doesn't. My cousin came to my house for the weekend. She lives in Chicago and she has a husband and 2 kids. One is 4 and one is 2 months. There so awesome.Ok, done now.

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