Monday, October 26, 2009

Jesus H. Christ

Skyline sucks, but the people are awesome. For the first time ever, I'm not the crazy one. I get this weird feeling inside when I see freaks who aren't me. There are some people who are just strange. Francesca is one of them. There are other people there who like good music! I saw a girl in an A7X shirt kissing a guy in a Metallica shirt. And people are nice to me! Ive never had people I don't know be nice to me. There isnt a popular people group. You can walk up to anyone and say "hi!" and they will start talking to you. And random people say "nice hair." I love them all. I STILL MISS EVERYONE THOUGH! I wish I went to commie. They dont yell at you for doing stuff that doesn't hurt anyone. Victimless crimes aren't crimes. Did you know that McDonald's is worse for your health than Pot? No one has ever died from overdose on weed. Ever. And yet it's still illegal. And cigarettes aren't. Whenever I walk by someone smoking I can tell if its weed because tobacco makes me cough, and pot doesn't. My cousin came to my house for the weekend. She lives in Chicago and she has a husband and 2 kids. One is 4 and one is 2 months. There so awesome.Ok, done now.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This post is a very long ADD scentence.

Wow I haven't posted in a while but It's not my fault because I was doing school stuff and because I'm just lazy too but I'm having a lot of fun at skyline... not really it sucks because no ones from Slauson and everyone's from 4sythe and people from 4sythe SUCK DICK, seriously, I mean that literally but maybe that's just high school I don't know are all the people in your schools fucking each other because at homecoming last night people were having sex on the dance floor not even kidding they were laying on top of each other and there were 2 girls making out right next to me and I was like "if your going to do that then go to commie!" but skyline has this acceptance thing which is good I think and all the teachers act like they give a shit what happens to you and there actually trying to teach you stuff even though I haven't learned much yet because im a smart kid who knows lots of stuff and THEY DIDNT PUT FRENCH ON MY SCEDULE EVEN THOUGH I ASKED FOR IT because skyline is really really really disorganized it took like half an hour to get into homecoming because you have to show IDs twice and get tickets and lines that lead nowhere it was really annoying I was wearing sneakers but they still let me in there was this kid wearing a t shirt with a picture of a tie and stuff on it and they let him in I hate it when they play bad music at dances Jimmy said when he was in high school they played DOOKIE at his dance but we only get this solja boy shit which I don't like I wonder if me and Alex Fuchs made a band do you think they would let us play at the dances because that would be really really fun and I wouldn't have to dance or find a date (everyone's in pairs!) by the way I did dance with this girl at the end but the slow song at the end was by HANNAH FUCKING MONTANA which I thought was pretty lame Slauson's was way better because they did don't trust a ho which they did at skyline somewhere near the beginning lol they swore a bunch in the music and I made a bet with a girl that they wouldn't play songs with the word fuck in them but I don't know who the girl was my choir class is really fun don't call me gay for being in choir there's a bunch of cool people and our teachers are nice ms. C is pregnant so she keeps having mood swings but our other teacher who is there on some days is really cool, in conclusion SKYLINE SUCKS BUT THE DANCE WAS REALLY FUN!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fuck it.

I guess I should be telling you about my trip to england and france, but i really dont feel like it right now. It was pretty boring. "Quiet and relaxing" and "finding yourself" is fine, but my soul is a dark pit full of pain, so I don't really want to be in touch with my inner self. And I didnt play music for 3 weeks, which made me feel pretty shitty. So that whole trip sucked, and on the plane coming back my TV broke, so I was bored for 8 hours. The Customs and Immigration guy thought my family were terrorists and held us up for a while, and by then I felt pretty shitty. Then I realized that I would probably spend the last 2 days before school doing nothing, which didnt help. When I got home I texted Libby to see if she wanted to go to a movie and then I checked my email. Surprise, she dumped me in an email. A long, well thought out email. Damn english major. And then my computer started playing "Babe, im gonna leave you" which really pissed me off. I no its not like me to cry on other peoples shoulders, or show any emotion at all, but thanks for listening.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I went to a fun camp last week. We were like making movies and stuff. I was with Ben J which was kinda cool. I was in the year 2 camp because I've been there twice B4 and there isn't a year three camp because not a lot of us have. I think that was a run on sentence. I made a music video for Paranoid by Black Sabbath. (look it up(or else)) Last time I did Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, (also look up) which is 7 minutes, and Paranoid is 3 minutes, so Paranoid was a lot easier. Ben did the terminator 2 theme, and The two other people who were in group 2 were named Areah (pronounced R. E. uh) and Ethan. They did a song called teardrop and a song called end of the line. I had a bunch of awesome stuff in mine, like a shot of 2 of me playing 2 guitars at the same time.

Today I went to the library and got a bunch of books. Yay. I also got a bunch of albums. I got BLOOD SUGAR SEX MAGIK which is good. I have no idea why anyone would name an album Blood Sugar Sex Magik, but this is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

  1. The first song is Power of Equality, which has a good guitar part, but listening to it might cause some slight brain trauma. The solo is really wierd, cuz the guitar plays only 24 notes but the bass is playing 32nd notes all the time. I love RHCP's bassist. (His name is Flea).
  2. If You Have to Ask is really wierd cuz the verse is rap and the chorus is funk. Also a minute long solo in a 3 1/2 minute song is unexpected.
  3. Breaking the girl is a wierd-ass ballad.
  4. Funky Monks has an awesome drumbeat and the chorus is wierd. After 4 minutes there is a pause and then a one minute faded out bass solo.
  5. Suck my Kiss is on guitar hero and is more punk than most of their songs. Its about sex.
  6. I Could Have Lied is a boring acoustic ballad. The next song,
  7. Mellowship Slinky in B Major, is the wierdest song name ever. Its a pretty good song.
  8. The Rightious and the Wiked is a pretty cool song because of how it starts with a solo and then has a lot of singers yelling at you. The bridge (from about 2:30 to 3:10) is really cool.
  9. Give It Away is a pretty good song. It has a sweet ending.
  10. Blood Sugar Sex Magik (the song) has good drumming and has really good lyrics.
  11. Naked in the Rain has an awesome riff and is really punk. It has 2 sweet solos too.
  12. Apache Rose Peacock is really wierd. Really, really, really wierd. And it has trumpet.
  13. The Greeting Song (shouldn't it be first in the album?) sounds like a RHCP version of the 70s. It has a nice chorus. Really cool solo and end.
  14. My lovely Man (I said they were gay) has some sweet drums and an awesome solo that sounds nothing like RHCP. The breakdown and ending are really cool.
  15. Sir Psycho Sexy is what it sounds like. A 7 minute song with a chorus that goes "he's a freak of nature but we love him so" and "sir psycho, sir psyco yeah!" Its the wierdest epic ever. But it is the RCHP.
  16. They're Red Hot is a country song. The singing is too fast to understand. The whole song is only 1:12 but there is 14 seconds of silence at the end.
I also got Black Rain by Ozzy Osborne, Latter Days by Led Zeppelin, The Delicate Sound of Thunder by Pink Floyd and a CD with a bunch of famous singles.
I read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The Book is way better than the movie and its like 2 or 3 times as long. Its good to see both of them.
Im leaving for england in 12 days.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Never eat a whole large tub of popcorn. Ever.
My pants smell like industrial solvent. I almost choked on the smell.
Never give up hope.
Never give up.

Friday, July 24, 2009

My week

This week I went to a camp at the Neutral Zone called music technology. They taught us how to be roadies, and some stuff about music editing. It was mostly for rap and hip hop but there was some good stuff. Rap and hip hop are skilless. I like roadies. There is a difference between roadies and groupies. Roadies take care of the equipment, groupies "take care of" (= fuck) the band.

Went to Harry potter movie yesterday with Libby, Rianna, Spaz, Christine, and Anna. Libby was cute, Christine yelled "SEX!" really loud, Rianna sat quietly and watched Harry Potter, Spaz was a spaz and I pissed off an old lady. We're so predictable. I think that the only people who ever read this were there, but I'm still gonna describe it. Pascale was freaking out and singing the entire time. Christine had to lick her to get her to shut up. And then she licked Christine back and it was kinda wierd. And I was talking to Libby the entire time and then this old lady yelled at me and I was still talking so she went away. Life belongs to the young and the young at heart.
And Rianna, I'm right.
Done now.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rock band boot camp and some other shit

I just got back from rock band boot camp and it was awesome. I was in a band with Oren-G (Oren), Good Rosa (Joe Cambridge) Andrew, Dreadlocks (Noah) and Shorty (this 10 year old named David). We had so much fun! I had drumming classes in the morning with Joey H and we were better than most of the other people. Seriously, I could play slower then most of the other people but I knew all my theory so I was with Joey and Erez doing "advanced" stuff. Makes me feel wanted.
In the afternoons we had band practice. We had 2 songs, one was a blues and one was an epic. The blues one went like this: G|G|G|G|C|C|G|G|D|C|G|G| (that's for people who understand music, for everyone else these are the lyrics)

Bill Clinton's Janitor

Well, I'm so sorry babe
you had to go
it was so sweet,
Our Shiz was 'freal

(I didn't write that line)

Your lovely white blouse
and your sweaty do rag
I'm so sorry babe
you didn't go with my flow

Cuz you got eaten,
eaten by my dog
stupid little Chihuahua!

Yeah, so that was like, the most awesome song ever. The other one was supposed to be a four part epic but it turned into only 2. The first part I improvised because we didn't have lyrics. The second part was called Wrlgglrglrlrgglrg and it was about world of warcraft. Seriously, Joe Cambridge and Andrew wrote it. Apparently Wrlgglrglrlrgglrg is the sound merlocks make. To pronounce it put your tongue in the back of your mouth. Then make an "ur" sound while moving your tongue from side to side.

From puddle to puddle
We can't be stopped
Look out for your Warlock
Your health gets dropped

Bring out your tank
Cuz your about to get owned
I'm as bad as a rouge
So prepare to get shanked!

(yes, I know that doesn't

Running the tides
jumping in puddles
put up your shield
And get ready to bubble!

(sweet metal solo with tapping)

Does anyone know what that means? It was sick and in 2/2.
And for the first time ever I broke my sticks. Its an amazing milesone for me as a drummer. I learned a bunch of stuff there, and now me, Andrew and Joe Cambridge have more inside jokes than Pascale and Anna. Including this amazing line:
BUTTress SEmantiX
And now the other shit.
I hate my dad.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

chicago and more

Chicago and more. First, more.
I read a blog prompts thing. Some of the topics were: 1. Describe your most embarrassing moment. Okay, no chance. Besides, I forget that kind of stuff. 2. If you were a colour, what colour would you be? Well, fb told me I was black, but I cant really imagine myself as a colour. 3. What words describe being in love? Dude, that's what musics for. 4. Why do you write your blog? Because if I read it it wouldn't be mine.
And now, some Amazingly Sexy Quotes: "Some hills are alive with the sound of music, and some aren't," "My cousins are either ballerinas or ADHD," and "your life is meaningless... without windex!"
And now I will describe my trip to Chicago in beautiful detail. Me and my brother were bored in the car so we randomly improvised songs. We're pretty good at it. By the way, what is the difference between either pronounced "eether" and either pronounced "eyether?" and tic tacs are good. When I got there I went to my cousin's house, to see her and her kid. It was her daughter Sapna's Birthday, so we got her a present. It was a "Ni hao kai lan" thing (that's a show on nick jr.). I played a version of bs with my cousin's husband and his friend. Very different from our version. Then we got to our hotel room. It was huge! They called it a sweet but it was more like a house. It had 2 TVs, and one of them was a huge flat screen. It also had 3 beds and the windows looked out at the chicago river. Water was an extra $6, which meant me and my bro had to embark on an epic odyssey to get some. My parents wouldn't let me see the blue man group, but green day's van was parked outside my hotel. Did you hear that? GREEN DAY'S VAN WAS PARKED OUTSIDE MY HOTEL!!!!! I was going to take pics of a bunch of stuff bet my camera ran out of batteries, so I got more, but then I didnt have an SD card. I think its a conspiracy.
I dont have much to say about the next day. I went to see my other cousin and her kid Anshul, and I gave him a power rangers toy. How do you say "you and us" in good grammar?
When I got back it was pretty late, then the next day I went to Rock band camp! For those of you who dont know (everyone exept Amelia) Rock band camp is when we go to a school, then the counselors (people from the AAMC) group us into bands and we play. Its the amazingest thing ever. More about it later.
Done now.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random Things

I'm here again. And I'm using mostly correct grammar. I can do it if I try, I just don't think it's necessary. Anyway, talking about a few random things today.

A group of scientists have decided that there really isn't a difference between the sexes, we're all the same (New Scientist July 4 page 46). Wow. That, group of scientists, is why you have never gotten a date.

Seriously, there is a definite difference between men and women. Women have emotions and think with their hearts. Men have less emotions and don't usually think. Life is way more fun if you don't have to think about it.

I am now going to switch topics to complain about my parents. Mr Brown said that his teachers made him read as a punishment, so he didn't like to read. My parents keep making me read boring books (like Bread and Roses, Too) so it gets really boring. Why can't I read things that are actually interesting? Like, a chemistry textbook maybe?

Now I feel like talking about the text Lorem Ipsum. It looks like Latin, but it doesn't mean anything. It comes from a book by Plato (Which was real, and then misquoted until it turned into nothing). Now people use it as a standard text or as a filler. Here it is:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore etdolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo.

can be edited and changed, but this is what It starts as. You have probably seen this somewhere.

I'm done now. There is nothing else to say.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

hi everyone

first post... yay... now you can be constantly informed about my life.
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